Speed Chute Resistance Parachute for Speed Training and Acceleration Training

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  • FIND EXPLOSIVE SPEED. The Speed Chute is made for all athletes with serious drive. Train with this chute to increase your strength and speed. Feel the burn as your challenge yourself. Whether you’re in track and field, football, soccer, basketball, or any other sport, your speed will improve with the use of this resistance training chute.
  • BUILD ENDURANCE. Get more powerful leg drive and stride frequency with the Speed Chute. Maximize acceleration and top running speeds through resistance and over speed training. Use it when sprinting, to help increase muscular endurance, improve your stamina, and accelerate faster. This speed training parachute will give you the authority you’re looking for so you can master your sport.
  • ADJUSTABLE BELT. The adjustable 2-inch heavy-duty nylon belt is fully adjustable and will comfortably fit almost any athlete. The belt rotates 360 degrees and has a free motion ring, meaning you can sprint in any direction. With the ability to have a linear or parallel start, you can truly adjust your training to your specific needs. The quick-release belt buckle lets you feel acceleration bursts, so you can reach top speed.
  • EASY TO USE AND STORE. Spend more time training, and less time setting up. With a 54”diameter, this chute stores easily in an included training bag. It offers approximately 15-30 lbs. of resistance, which allows you to improve stride length and frequency. The built-in mesh panel helps to stabilize the Speed Chute during training, which prevents the cords from tangling, translating to less hassle and more hustle.
  • INVEST IN YOUR GOALS. Taking care of your body is a crucial part to reaching your physical potential and athletic goals. Train yourself to be your best. prides itself on providing the proper tools to help athletes reach their peak performance level. You can feel confident that you’re running in the right direction with the Speed Chute.

Maximize your top end speed.

Speed can be broken down into 3 key phases- acceleration, transition and top-end speed. The Speed Chute helps develop your speed for the transition and top-end phases. Using the Speed Chute promotes an upright posture, quick ground contact and leg recovery.

360 degree rotation belt with free motion ring.

The 360-degree rotation belt allows you to train in any direction. When positioned on the right or left hip, it allows you to get off the line laterally. When positioned at the center of your back, it allows for a linear or parallel start. Because of the free-motion ring, it can freely slide around your waist while mid-stride to change directions from forward to backward or backward to forward.

Full adjustable, heavy-duty nylon belt

The 2-inch heavy-duty nylon belt is fully adjustable to fit athletes of all sizes.

Quick release belt buckle.

The Speed Chute features a quick-release buckle for that mid-stride, 'shot-out-of-the-cannon' sensation. Unclip mid-stride so your body feels lighter and you can move faster.

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35% OFF For The Next 100 People!

Shippping worldwide


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